La IV Conferencia Mundial sobre las mujeres y sus protagonistas.

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Pilar Giménez Armentia


The Conference of Beijing had a media cover without precedents, not only at worldwide level, but also in the Spanish scope. It was inquired more on this event than on the other three world analogous conferences altogether. But, how did the Spanish press inform about this event? , Who were the protagonists? It cannot be forgotten that although the topics to debate in the conference were mainly the lack of rights and the difficulties which women suffer in the world, the Spanish media focused on the disputes between the European Union – actually Spain, that exerted as spokesman of the European Union- and the Holy See, and the presence of Hillary Clinton in Beijing. Newspapers chose a “political approach” and they didn’t report about the subjects of interest for the women. In this article it will be determined the importance the media settled in their agendas to the main characters in the conference and how they were shown and valued by the media. By this way, through an analysis of the approach that the newspapers gave the protagonists of the information we will reach conclusions on the informative treatment of the Conference.
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Conferencia de Pekín, Mujeres, Naciones Unidas, Vaticano, Unión Europea,

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